Aurora Nights Project - January, February 2011

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Aurora Nights Project - January, February 2011

OdgovorNapisal/-a Simon Overdose » Ne jan 30, 2011 5:01 pm

Hello everybody!

Here is the promo set for january and 'february'(RECORDED AROUND JANUARY 20th;),.. and I do meen february!Some tracks introduced on this set will be out late februruary, on Mistique Music!

We'll this set represents the sound I wanna introduce to you, through this project (ANP).
To be honoust this project of mine meens a life to me, it really reflects everything I love in music! and I really hope you'll feel this selection of tracks!...

It really is the entrancing music you probably miss, or can't find (being blinded by all the music called trance?! these days, that is chezzing our planet (simply call it dance guys, idk what do you meen by trance, if you put some catchy melodyes on a simple dance track and call it trance?..trance music..hehe first lurn what is trance, and then have guts to eaven say the word!;)...anyway's bellow is the tracklist.

tc, n'enjoy;)

01. Kay-D - Levitation (Aggressor Magikal remix)
02. Dark Soul Project - Pegasus (LoQuai remix)
03. Kay-D - Humanity
04. Lurance - Heaven
05. Nico Sparvieri - Over (Simon Vuarambon & Kevin di Serna Remix)
06. Alucard - Deep In The Darkness
07. Ivan Nikusev & Wav-E - Aurora (Relaunch remix)
08. Kay-D - Hypnotized (MSZ 039 s Subdrive remix)
09. Timewave - Desolate World
10. E-Clip - Equilibrium
11. Crystal Verge - Snake Valley (Club Remix)
12. Fatali - Mother
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